Full Time Part Time Profession or Pastime, Making the Best of the Time You Have


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I for one genuinely envy and admire those who do what they love for a living.

Because when it comes to work, engaging, meaningful, and hugely rewarding work, these folks have got it down pat.

No nine-to-five grind here.

No Monday morning blues or same-shit-different-day disposition.

This is sweat and slog at its absolute finest.

This is a labor of love.

Of course the cruel reality is we can’t all do what we enjoy for a living.… Read More...

Why a Deferred Payment Plan Won’t Work When it Comes to Paying Your Dues


You hear it on radio and on TV.

You see it in the papers and in the magazines.

It’s plastered on everything from store fronts to billboards, on the sides of city buses and across the windshield of that sporty little number at the car dealership down the street.

Yet day after day you shrug it off.

You smother the urge.

Despite the attractive packaging you fight the temptation and stand firm.

Then, one day―you buckle.

You sign your name on the dotted line and take the buy-now-pay-later plunge.… Read More...

Sometimes the Most Amazing Thing about Amazing is that it isn’t all that Amazing. Still, it’s Always Freaking Awesome.


My reason is simple.

The question, straightforward.

What’s up?

Why do I ask?

Because every day you and I have the opportunity to do some pretty amazing shit.

And quite frankly, I love amazing shit.

Feeling amazing?

I’m all ears.

For instance, the other evening my wife and I go out for a bite to eat at the local TGI Fridays, and Cassandra, who as busy as she is, kindly takes the time to come greet us in her usual warm and welcoming way.

So what’s new?…

Need a Light? Of Course You Do. How Else You Gonna Find Your Way?


Once again there it sits, a snow white canvas, deathly still and ghostly quiet, staring me down like some blood-thirsty adversary.

Poised and ready my fingers hover over the keyboard, searching for a sign, waiting for a signal: the resounding ring of an opening bell, the explosive discharge of a starting gun, a timely snippet of mind blowing inspiration.


Anything that says, “Write man. Write.”

The striking of the first few keys brings with it a ripple of relief, yet in all I continue to struggle.… Read More...

Crunching the Numbers: A Compelling Look at the Power of One


Ahh the holidays, what a wonderful time of year.

There’s nothing quite like getting together with family and friends to reflect and rejoice, to share and to celebrate.

But alas, like most things, these festive reunions must eventually come to an end.

Nevertheless, it’s good to spend time with loved ones—it’s always good to be in…good company.

Of course this holds true not only among social circles. Anytime you can surround yourself with a group of compatible individuals is time well spent.

Fortunately, never has this been more easily achievable than today, and nowhere it seems is it more in full swing than in the thriving industry of Personal Growth and Achievement.… Read More...

Mood Swings. Accountability Rocks. How to Keep a Bad Day from Ruining a Good Thing


Got dreams?

Of course you do.

And I’m sure you’ve got every intention of making those dreams a reality.

But as we all know that’s an undertaking that’ll take more than just good intentions.

It’ll take discipline and sacrifice.

It’ll call for consistency—unwavering and uncompromising consistency.

Unfortunately, it’s here where many of us (yours truly included) have a strong tendency to waver.

Why? Because you’re gonna have em. We all have em.

Good days and bad days.

Days that kick ass and days that literally…kick your ass.… Read More...

How Messing Can Be a Blessing, and Why You Should Do So Every Chance You Get


Tell me, does this sound familiar?

Please don’t touch that.

Does the following phrase ring a bell?

Will you pleeezzz stop messing with that?

As a youngster you probably heard this sort of thing all the time.

And as a parent I’m sure these words have rolled off your tongue more times than you care to count.


Simple, kids will be kids, and while ya gotta love em there’s no skirting the fact that their voracious curiosity can sometimes get the best of them.

It seems no matter how many times you tell em not to they just can’t manage to keep their itchy little fingers to themselves.… Read More...

10 Powerful Words That’ll Rock Your World. One of Which Might Very Well Surprise You.


Okay granted, you may not be rubbing your hands together in antsy anticipation, but in the back of your mind the wheels are churning.

Because you know darn well things could be better.

Deep down you know there’s something more.

In fact, you’ve known it for some time.

Still, something’s holding you back.

Something’s missing.

Something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Ahh, but what if you could?


Well now, since you’re already here how about we  try and figure out this little snafu?… Read More...

Finding Your Happy Pace: Weighing the Benefits of Chasing Your Dreams at a Comfortable Clip

tortoise hare

“Have you ever noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”…George Carlin

This is just one telltale example of why this beloved comedian/social critic is hailed as one of the all time favs.

And what’s really funny is, he’s spot on.

I mean think about it.

How many times have you found yourself breezing along a stretch of open road only to come up on the backside of some sluggard doing half the posted speed limit?… Read More...

Wants and Needs: In Some Ways, Every Bit as Different as Night and Day.


So whadaya wanna do?

I dunno.

Whada you wanna do?

Heck, I dunno.

Ahh, the happy-go-lucky days of adolescence.

Not so much as a care in sight.

Not so much as a worry in the world.

Not a need to be had.

Maybe it’s been a while, but perhaps you too can recall this type of scenario as a happy-go-lucky/stir-crazy youngster, particularly during those dog days of summer when after a week or two of uninhibited fun n games old man boredom kicked in and you found yourself sitting curbside with a couple of your closest friends asking one another,

“So, whadaya wanna do?”

And there you‘d sit, arms folded across a pair of grass stained knees, head bowed down, perched and resting, as your eyes carom back and forth over an endless parade of worker ants scampering about beneath the soles of your sneakers.… Read More...